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Hundreds of furniture, decoration and accessory models that offer practical and stylish soluitions are offered to you on our website. You can view our category to purchase high quality and affordable furniture, decoration and accessory models.

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Furniture, Decoration, Accessories Decorative accessories offered to you to make your home look more beautiful, more decorative and warmer, come together in the Furniture, Decoration and Accessories category of Sefamerve with modern designs and stylish lines. Practical kitchenware, useful storage containers and dozens of products that you can use in your home decoration are waiting for you here. You can add color to your decoration by choosing pieces from these decoration products and accessories that will give a completely different vibe to your home. Practical Kitchenware Practicality and convenience are what matters when kitchen utensils are in question. Mugs, cups and glasses stand out in Sefamerve`s kitchenware collection. You can create a personalized gift and add color to your kitchen decoration by choosing a cup model with a spoon that has the initials of your spouse, yourself or your child printed on it. These cups have been among the prominent kitchen decoration items especially recently with their wooden saucers and practical designs. You can display your favorite photos in decorative frames, and you can keep your favorite photos together in a single piece thanks to multiple photo frames. You can bring a different vibe to both your kitchen and your home at affordable prices by checking out Sefamerve`s entire kitchenware collection. Practical Storage Containers Storage containers stand out among the essential organization solutions of every kitchen. You, too, can select a set suitable for your style among these handy and practical storage containers. Plastic storage container varieties are more affordable than others in terms of price but glass storage containers offer a much healthier storage solution. You can safely protect your food and beverages by picking a storage container set suitable for your budget and needs from these model. When using a storage container, the lid must be properly closed and the content must not contact air so that the food can be stored with maximum hygiene and efficiency. In addition, regularly cleaning and airing the storage containers promises a longer life for each product. Special Products for Your Home Decoration Sefamerve`s Decoration category is not limited to kitchenware. An essential item for every home, the shawl hanger enables you to organize your shawls, turbans and scarves neatly. The headscarf hanger is offered to you with its unique designs and contemporary lines and options that will go well with the decoration of your home. You, too, can make your choice from the headscarf hangers that will create a perfect harmony together with the decoration of your bedroom. You can hang all your shawls and scarves on these items and prevent them from wrinkling, creasing and deforming. You can especially ensure that silk, which is a delicate fabric, gets constantly aired by choosing to keep your silk scarves on these hangers. If you place your shawl hanger in your bedroom and keep it out of direct sunlight, you can get a more effective storage solution. Cute baby photo albums are among the most preferred products in this category. By keeping your baby`s monthly taken photos in this album, you can create a tunnel of memories that you will enjoy in the future. Another alternative you can find in this category is the door ornaments you can use on special occasions such as birthdays, holy nights, circumcision feasts etc. For more home decoration products and living solutions, please visit our Home and Living page.